Get healthy by learning when multivitamins should be taken

If you’re going to start taking multivitamins for all of their health benefits, you may be wondering when multivitamins should be taken.

The most important rule is that vitamin and mineral supplements can’t help you if you don’t remember to take them. As such, the best time of day to take your multivitamins is when you’re most likely to remember to take them.

Lots of people find it easiest to take their vitamins at the beginning of the day as part of their morning routine, along with breakfast. Additionally, taking your multivitamin alongside a meal may be necessary since some vitamins need to be taken in combination with a meal that contains fat calories. Many types of vitamins are “fat-soluble.” This means that they only dissolve and are absorbed properly by your body when you take them with a fat. Therefore, if you take your vitamins in the morning with a fat-free breakfast, you could be defeating the purpose of consuming the vitamins in the first place.